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Robin Wilkinson

Associate Director at Benaim, an AECOM company

Robin is an Associate Director at Benaim (an AECOM company) and Civil / Structural Engineer with more than 17 years of experience in the design and management of building and infrastructure projects worldwide. His projects include new-build structures and the re-use of existing structures across a variety of markets, and his experience spans all project stages from design competition to construction including hands-on experience of site planning, surveying, steel fixing, and concrete pours.

Designing Structures

Design is Engineering, and Engineering is Design... I will talk about the importance of design in my job as a Structural Engineer, and ask the students to think about design and build me the tallest structure they can.

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Jasper Hilkhuijsen

Urban Designer at Ove Arup & Partners HK Ltd.

When studying Architecture and Urban Design I soon figured out that to me design is more about people than aesthetics. With a love for buildings and cities I have been working on shaping the build-environment for the last 8 years both in Europe and in Asia, gaining an understanding of differences and similarities. Currently I work for Arup, a firm of designers, engineers, architects, planners, consultants and technical specialists, and my daily work ranges from territorial scale master planning to new town development and from architecture to streetscape design. A challenging job that seeks you to envision the future and that requires creativity, team work and determination. Not always easy, but a lot of fun!

Designing the City of the Future

Following the global trend of urbanization more and more people are and will be living in cities. Urban Designers have a large impact on how to shape those cities. Ensuring a place for all, maintaining a high quality of life, taking care of nature and making use of the latest technologies and innovations. Designing a city takes much more than thinking about bricks, concrete and glass.

After a brief introduction of what I do in my daily work, the students will be asked to design their city of the future during a workshop. Thinking about Hong Kong, what do you think can be better and what makes Hong Kong so cool?




Yannick Lenormand

 East Asia Foresight Lead at ARUP

Understand change, explore new horizons and create value. The creation of meaningful innovations that improve people's lives requires a vision of the future supported by insight and inspiration.

What are the forces driving the change around us?

I will be bringing with me a set of drivers of change cards. It will be a highly interactive session where we will explore together the key global issues and trends driving change in our societies and markets.


The cards are an effective way of raising awareness about our environment – both man-made and natural. They help initiate conversations, act as workshop materials, provide a foundation for further study and serve as an input for strategy and innovation.


Topics covered will be Climate change, demographics, energy, urbanisation, waste, water and more...


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Ellen Chang

Junior Architect at KOMPAS

Ellen graduated from RCHK in 2011 and started her Bachelor of Science in Architecture abroad in the Netherlands. She then graduated from her Masters in 2017 after also having taken time to work in the architectural field both in Europe and in Asia. Now she is back in Hong Kong and worked as a Junior architect for 6 months. At this moment she is finding her way and position in architecture and continuing her journey in the design world.

Bedrooms? you mean "Sleeping Spaces"

This session will include a story of my personal journey in Architecture and where I am currently at in my career (having just graduated from my Masters of Science degree in Architecture a year ago). Additionally I would like to give an insight to the students on the broad subject of architecture through an interactive activity, where students will ask themselves questions based on already existing knowledge. I will further discuss the topics that have come up from this activity and elaborate on all the different sides of architecture.



Van Kaathoven

Business Development Manager at ENESS



Business Development Manager with experience in diverse range of markets from Architecture, Engineering and Construction to Hospitality, Design, Venue, Museum. Local Government and Stadia. 


Business of design

Design thinking is becoming mainstream in the commercial world as its now recognised to be the strongest process for problem solving and identifying creative solutions that is driving innovation.

Why design thinking works?
How to be adaptable in a faster changing world?
How does a small studio deliver design projects profitably?
Where and how do you find the next opportunities?
What identifies a design idea as a winner in the market?
And how do you keep it innovative and exciting?

I propose to unpack these questions through a project based workshop where the students are running an interactive studio and delivering outcomes to a client of their choosing. A group of 10 students could be broken down into 2 groups of 5 and then run a short presentation of their idea and business outcomes as goals to be achieved.

Danny Fang

Founder of High5dogs

I am a product designer, strategist, design immigrant, and business entrepreneur.


And I try to have fun at anything I do.

You are the brand

introduction on how the brand High5dogs came about followed by a creative session on what it takes to create a brand. This session will give you the opportunity to create your own brand with the guidance of Danny and his industry experiences.


Rob Garrett

Head of Design at Black Sheep Restaurants

Telling stories through design

Concept to implementation- what goes into telling a restaurant's story. From interiors to branding, uniforms to food, every element is carefully considered and developed. All the design elements come together to tell a unique story. We will touch on where these concepts and stories come from, how we translate them into different design mediums and how we tie all the elements together. We will discuss critical design thinking, conceptual brainstorming and practical applications.


Fashion Design Talk

Enoch Ho

Creative Director Berayah Ltd

Enoch Ho is a Hong Kong native, brought up under the British school systems and attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in University of Washington before pursuing a Fashion Design degree from Parsons School for Design.  Having lived in the US, UK and Hong Kong, Enoch is equipped with a uniquely international worldview and understanding of various cultures; and his unquenchable thirst for new knowledge provides a broad field of inspiration.

After spending time at fashion labels such as TSE, Catherine Deane and Blanc de Chine, Enoch decided to pursue his dream and set up Berayah in April of 2013.  With a special love for the draping technique of dressmaking, Enoch is able to create garments that are 3-Dimensional; placing every seam precisely to achieve best body proportions, intellectually creating clothes that flatter the wearer.

Brief sharing on design process, story-telling method, user-based design and sustainability.

Sustainability and design

Joakim Cimmerbeck

Owner and director of Eico

Eico manufacture and sell high quality sustainable paint and decorative products

Previously an Investment banker. I then helped start eicó, a carbon-neutral company, which is as close to a clean and raw product that paint can possibly be. If I can get people to think differently about their environment and the crap we allow into our personal spaces, then I will have contributed to something. Think about it – paint is everywhere life is: in classrooms, bedrooms, offices, hospital wards. If people can begin to consider what we slap on walls, then maybe they’ll be more discerning when it comes other things too. Paint won’t save the world, but it’s a real start.


We will together fill in a short survey that will be the bases for a white paper on the sustainability so far in Hong Kong. We will talk about what we think is sustainable and what life around is and what we are doing to be sustainable.
Second part we will play with doll's houses.
Colour and the effect on design and decorating. We will create and make different settings and talk about it.

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AT&T/ VTech

Taihoon Kim

Understanding the design process

Understanding of design process from initial project plan to mass-production

Mubarak Marafa

Product Designer | Founder & CEO of Allorux

I’m Mubarak Marafa, a Nigerian Interaction Designer from Hong Kong. I’ve got a Masters in Design for Interaction Design and studied Creative Media.

i design

I am a Designer with user needs at the center of my focus. Empathy is important to me and this reflects in my design thinking. I’m a wizard with a white board and exercise a holistic approach to my design process, from research to paper prototypes and mockups, to coded high fidelity prototypes.

i code

Due to my background in Critical Intermedia Labs during my years in Creative Media, I am indeed proficient in coding (HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript, Python). These were mostly self-taught during projects that I needed them in. It doesn't stop, I’m constantly leveling up my skills as both a programmer and a designer. Being a quick study comes in handy when I need to learn a new tool for a project.

i make

From a young age, I’ve always loved pulling apart my toys and putting them back together again. I have built rapid prototypes with 3D printing and know how to work with Arduino and Raspberry Pi (I can solder like nobodies business). These have been reflected in the projects I’ve worked on in the past.


Design Thinking, User Centric Design, Empathetic Design, Stories, Design Collaboration, Design+Code, Front-End Web Development, 3D Graphics, Motion Graphics, Animation, Maker, Quick Study, Passionate, Team Player, Communicator, Adaptive, Play, Fun, ...Lots of Fun

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Lauren Boucher

Special Project Assistant Manager at Redress, the organiser of Redress Design Award.

Cutting waste out of fashion

There will be an introduction about fashion and the environment, focusing on the waste issue from industry in particular, and followed by introductions to three waste reducing design techniques, including zero-waste, up-cycling and reconstruction that design students can practise. A Powerpoint presentation and videos will be shown.

David Tring

Product Vice President; Lee Jeans, Asia Pacific


A product guy and retailer specialized in the Asian and European markets, driven by a passion to develop and lead great design, buying and merchandising teams. 

Denim Design + Innovation 1+1=3

Wai Tang

Founding Partner of QUAD studio


Wai Tang is the Founding Partner of QUAD studio. Established in 2017 together with Charles Ho and Kelvin Chu, QUAD studio is a group of architects and designers with a mission to make a difference by rethinking the idea.


Wai previously worked at Aedas as an Executive Director and has over 25 years of experience in practicing architecture. ​ Wai was at Aedas for 13.5 years and ran a very talented team of 35 staff from 2011 to 2017 focusing on both Local and International Architectural Projects of all scales.


Born in Hong Kong in 1970 and moved to the UK in 1972.  In 1989, Wai Tang studied at the Birmingham School of Architecture before moving to London in 1993 to attend MA/PG Dip at the University of Westminster where he was mentored by David Greene of Archigram and received the RIBA Silver Medal Runner Up award for best national diploma project in 1995.


He believes that creative world is evolving where designers are becoming more of a polymath. Designers are not one person doing many things rather we are many people focused on one thing resulting to an enriched design solution to our clients.


Currently, Wai is a part of the Westminster Alumni Advisory Group in Hong Kong, speaking in events hosted by RIBA Hong Kong Chapter, being Guest Critic at the Architecture Department of HKU space and leading a group of talented individuals in designing cutting edge architecture in and around Greater China.

Concept research with Sketch up or hand sketch.

Presentation of company and project we did + All step from design to opening for our latest store.

( I ll choose either Velo City or Decathlon )

Philippe Larose

Architectural planner and interior designer  Phil Design ltd.

Established in 2000, Phil Design is one of the leading companies specialized in commercial interior design in Hong Kong. Phil Design provides comprehensive design package services ranging from corporate image branding to planning and design of physical retail space. Specific services provided include image branding concept research, corporate image design, architectural planning, interior design, visual communication, graphic design, construction, quality control and overall project management. In addition to its particular expertise in cosmetic sector, Phil Design is experienced in providing its services to fashion, accessories and food and beverage retail industry. Previous major clients include internationally well-known brands such as L’oreal group, Clarins, Calvin Klein, Bvlgari, Longines,Gucci watches, Anna Sui cosmetic etc and most of them are Phil Design’s regular clients.

Dave Cheung

CEO of Hidden Boss

After graduating from HKUST, Dave worked for two years in the government before pursuing his graduate studies in the University of Exeter in the UK and then returning to Hong Kong to work in corporate finance as a business consultant and fund manager. Through these experiences he was able to meet entrepreneurs in various industries from different countries and learn from their successes and mistakes, equipping him with the confidence and know-how to start his own business.

Real Life in a Local HK Game Company

Briefly introduce the life of joining a game company as a producer and game artist. We will show some of our artwork to the student.




Nayla Ventura

Owner- Rug Your Life


With a background in International Commerce, Nayla ventured in the bespoke rugs business founding her company Carpetzz, later renamed Rug Your Life.

She strives to show her customers' own style in their personal spaces by transforming their ideas or designs into unique handmade custom rugs. Everything is done and made for that one carpet only.


Custom Rugs Designed by You

I will be showing the process of transforming the customer's own design, idea or favourite artwork into their custom rug: which steps are taken to create a rug design from their inspiration, as well as the handicraft production steps necessary until the rug reaches its home.
The students will see some possible sources of design inspiration, as well as be invited to share their own.
They will also learn about the tools we have when we design and create handmade rugs: design proportions, colours, techniques, materials and finishing options.
How can we make a rug that is not only beautiful and high-quality, but one that is personal and meaningful to that one person and makes them feel at home like they never have before?
With this presentation, I would like to invite students to be active designers of their own space, home and life. It is important that they realise the value of their own life story and how great products are designed to celebrate that.



Jen Paolini

Art Director at Foodie

"Born in HK and bred in Germany, I received my BFA in Illustration and Communication Design from SCAD and am now the Art Director for Foodie. I have experience working across different disciplines, including graphic and web design, illustration, photography and video, and printmaking. In my spare time, I create zines and run a hand-knit beanie business."

Make Art, Get Money

A talk on working in the illustration, publishing, advertising, and media industries, experiences as an in-house creative and a freelance designer, life advice if you plan on going to art school, as well as different design disciplines. A design exercise will follow.

Antoine d'Haussy

Founder (and designer)

Side by Side™ is creating a leading 21st century travel gear brand, aimed at shaking the industry through innovative design, 
unmatched customer experience, fast delivery and modern distribution channels


Is Crowdfunding a good way to test Product-Market Fit?

Sharing 2 crowdfunding campaign I ran on Kickstarter for my the travel gear product


Experience the fun of watercolor painting

This workshop is for all beginners. This workshops allow you to explore this medium in a painterly way. During the 1 hour workshop , Professor will share his techniques for traditional watercolor painting through the subject of landscape.

Professor C.K. Kwong

Chi-Kit Kwong, educated and worked in the United State, is known for his multidimensional talent in the visual art field. Leaving Hong Kong in 1998 to study art in the United States, he earned his BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design in 2002. Upon finished his educational goals with a scholarship at The University of North Carolina Greensboro for his MFA in 2005. He is also a brand designer and freelance artist for an established list of clients including: Wal-Mart, Eli Lilly, Plantain, Abercrombie and Fitch, GSW Worldwide, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Roach pharmaceutical, Mereck, Abbott and many more. Between commercial works, Chi-Kit manages to find time for illustrating comics, printmaking, and painting, toy making and exhibiting his works regularly in the United State.


Photography in relation to Hong Kong culture, history and identity - from the perspective of Blue Lotus Gallery

Christina Jensen

Gallery Manager at Blue Lotus Gallery

I am passionate and experienced in education, events and projects that focus on sustainable business, community outreach, non-profit and art and cultural projects. I have attained a diverse set of skills working in the above industries in Asia and Europe and am learned in how they feed each other.

We will go through a visual journey of various photographers, both well-known and emerging, who capture Hong Kong as well as how they do it and what they are trying to express. We will explore how a commercial gallery like Blue Lotus Gallery sustains itself in Hong Kong as well as initiatives we take and the challenges we face.


Photo_Simon Chan (1).jpg

Design Thinking: Dialogue with our Built Environment

Simon Chan

Architect; Project Director at Farrells; Part-time University Lecturer; Council Member, Hong Kong Institute of Architects

Simon, Project Director at Farrells, is an Architect registered in Hong Kong and Canada. He has lived and worked in Toronto, New York, and Hong Kong; current projects include the M+ Museum in Hong Kong, a super high rise mixed use development, and a masterplan project in China. Simon holds particular interests in contextual responses, user experience, and design thinking. Simon has spoken at conferences and is active in architectural education, teaching and participating as an external critic at institutions locally and abroad.

I will share my journey as an architect, designer, educator, and what does it mean to be an architect. There will be a few personal stories on the excitement, challenges, and satisfaction of our profession; and a dialogue with the students on what the future of cities may be like. Finally, I will invite students to express their views and visions of our city, through writing and drawing on some Made-in-Hong Kong plastic products.


Oliver Breit

Managing Director at PDD Group Limited

Oliver leads design innovation, product development and  strategic consultation for global clients in Hong Kong for nearly 20 years.


Oliver originally started his design career focusing on power tools, floor care and industrial products.  In the mid 90’s office he started to focus solely on consulting as he recognized the demand for design services in China and the opportunity that leads within. With over twenty years of product development experience, Oliver’s knowledge stretches far beyond product design. His solid insight in manufacturing  processes supports his design leadership. His strategic principle for design lies within user experience, market requirements and technology. These are the pillars that enable PDD undergo years of successful growth and a continuity to develop award winning products for their clients.

HCD - Human-Centred-Design

Presenting several case studies for turning user centered research into meaningful innovation


Ari Liu

Gar Lake Wong

Executive Director of Admission, SCAD Hong Kong

SCAD alumna, BFA Photography 2010

How to Prepare a Dynamic Portfolio

What higher education institutions are expecting from an incoming freshman portfolio. I will also cover information about SCAD Hong Kong and the possibilities of careers in art and design fields.

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Lillian Lai

UX Designer | Serial Hackathon Winner | Storyteller

"A business hybrid born who experienced 3 years in one of the largest accounting firms, Deloitte, and reborn as a UX designer. She is also part of the winning teams of three local hackathons and one global in 2017. Currently working in AXA and side hustling with her community encouraging dialogues of human-centric design, Blank Slate."

Rocking Round Robin


Adolfo Arranz

Deputy head of Graphics and Illustration at South China Morning Post

The importance of the sketch in the infographics projects

The importance of the daily drawing like urban sketch, how this exercise helps in the development of the designer and how it helps to improve your design and composition skills, and its application to infographic illustration.


Varun Wadhawan

Senior Manager, Design and Development, Men’s for Lee

I am truly passionate about design.


He credits his open-mindedness and ability to look at situations in new ways with helping him succeed. He has been part of innovation projects like Re-Think , Jade Fusion & Body Optix for the Lee Brand, focusing on elevating Denim for today’s lifestyle & consumer.

QUAD studio believes we are at the crossroads of change and the clients today wants more from architects than just architecture. They want the designer to create a holistic design narrative From Architecture, to Interior, to Furniture Design, to Branding so much so that the line between different design disciplines becomes increasingly blurred. We come to an age where one gets more from a group of individuals with open minds sharing ideas rather than those who choose to work in isolation. QUAD would like to review architectural design in China and how it has evolved from simple designs based on function to a heavily narrated architecture deep with meaning. Question why has this come to be? Why is this design process so different compared to that of Western Culture? No matter what scale of project we are dealing with, we always begin the design with the principles for dogma to be carried out in a context whatever that maybe. This entails fully understanding what is needed and what is missing by asking why? what? and how? No matter what period in history we live in, we are all guided by visions of what came before and what lies ahead to a certain degree. As designers, we know the importance of continual innovation and the best design narratives straddle between ancient and modern. By linking back to a historical context, we can create designs that is rich with contextual representation. This is QUAD A collective polymath A group of creative individuals engaged in social intervention ready to rethink the new idea, to engage, to develop, and to connect the past, present and the future.

We will show the design and Innovation process the Lee brand in Asia Pacific went through to create “Jade Fusion”. This high-performance Denim regulates the body’s temperature to keep you cool by fusing Jade Stones with Denim. This breakthrough Innovation won a Global Edison Award™, which are focused on the innovators as much as the innovation. Award winners represent "game changing" products and services, as well as excellence and leadership in innovation 

“Design thinking is a methodology we use in the industry to help us solve all sorts of problems. It’s fun, it’s fast, and everyone can participate! In this years workshop we’ll work and play games that will help us solve a problem in our daily lives together!”

Wai Tang Portriat.jpg

Rethinking the Future