Welcome to design day 2018 

tuesday 4th december

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This years event has partnered up with Business of Design Week as an educational satellite event.


A shared vision that we should celebrate creativity and innovation with a vision to strengthen Hong Kong as a creative hub in Asia.



+   Recognising problems + opportunities

+   Thinking big thinking differently

+   Trending

+   Outsourcing and commercial production

+   Designers of the future

+   User centered design

+   Innovation


+   Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

+   Digital Art Today

+   Marketing + branding

+   Business and design in Hong Kong


Opening talk

Mr David Waterman

Senior Design Director at AT&T/ VTech

Founder of Deep Blue Design Consultants and Reel Blue Video

Multiple award winning designer that has worked in the top agencies world wide and works for some of the world's top companies in the area of product/ industrial design, graphics and packaging

Closing words 

Dr Harry Brown

Principal of Renaissance College

CLICK to see the guests and their sessions 

Stacey Leung

Teacher of Art and Design

Renaissance College

Clare Musgrove 

Teacher of Art and Design

Renaissance College



Boyd Jerman

Teacher of Design and Art

Renaissance College