I felt awakened! Good design is something that is everyday life - it holds a vital significance in our lives, but we don't always notice it.


Realise what you love/ would love doing and work hard to accomplish it.

A good designer should work with all involved in the process e.g. researchers, manufacturers and most importantly the end user.


I will definitely remember the advice given for about creative process. For example, taking inspiration from things around you, being empathetic to people's needs.


I will remember that designing can be much easier if you have done the research and preparation.

The designers demonstated how to generate ideas, this is an invaluable insight.

For me, I learned about the research stage of the design process. I found that it is much wider and requires a lot more depth than i previously thought. Based on what the designers on Design day shared, I'm now able to apply it in my own projects. What they've taught about different aspects of designing will help me in my future decision making.



Sometimes being too perfect can ruin the masterpiece.