Delivering to students on Design Day


Design Day for the new academic year is just around the corner and I can tell you how very excited we all are about the event. Having such a wide range of talented and creative professionals to share their love for what they do is going to make memories for our students. Many of you are experienced with talking and sharing with students, but a few of you have asked for some guidance.



Students respond to the way you present yourself, it goes without saying that if you are passionate and enthusiastic in your delivery they will be.​ The day is centered around ​inspiring them, opening up new thinking, sharing your expertise and letting them see the possibilities and opportunities in the many Design fields that exist.​​

When sharing ​


Bring in any physical products as well as images of the things that you have designed or worked on to show the students.

​Contextualise, localise and make relevant what you are saying to the students lives.
Be aware that terminology​ you use as part of your daily design language the students may not understand.

Keep directed oral presenting to 10-15 minutes maximum in duration between breaking to an activity, unless the presentation is interactive and allows students to be active participants.

The students


Your group may contain a mix of students, boys and girls aged 15- 17, some that have already committed to a future pathway in design and some that are considering.

Some students may be quiet and not always forth coming, but like adults we all have different personalities and need to get to know someone and build trust and confidence first.

95% of our students have very good speaking and listening skills in English but for those that haven't, try and be clear and be prepared to rephrase with simpler vocabulary.


​Design at ESF


There are different ESF schools in attendance who roughly ​follow a similar ​Design cycle.


​Students explore many types of Design and Technologies in our schools.

Graphic Design


Digital Design

Resistant materials

Food Technology​


Product Design


​Most students have access to a laptop that will have Sketch Up

and some other CAD progs such as illustrator​.




This is only guidance, certainly not a mandate, there is no expectation for any of you to be teachers at the event.

The day is a very relaxed and informal event where you get to share about what you do and passions.

If you want to talk for longer of course but be mindful that students don't always have the ability to listen and 'take in' information for large periods of time without a break.

Video's/ You tubes are good, pictures, question and answering etc are great to break up information being shared as well as an activity. Group or paired work is great, get the students to challenge you if you wish, get them to ask you questions.






Please aim to arrive 20 minutes before you session.

This will allow you for set up, any changes and keep our stress levels low knowing you are here.


If you have to cancel for any reason please give us ample notice, this day sees over 200 students in attendance and trying to reorganise them in to new sessions can be difficult and bring disappointment to students.



Please sign in at reception and collect a visitors badge.- see MAP


Clare and myself will be in the PAC to meet with you. - see MAP


There is a CAR PARK and MTR 5 minutes from the school, sorry no available parking on the school campus.


Your area for set up will be available from TBC.  Chairs, tables and requested equipment will be available for you. 


There is seating and a cafe on campus. 

Both myself and Clare Musgrove will be on the school campus at 8:00 am. 


To contact call:  Boyd (97666445) and Clare (6311 3987).



Any further questions then please reach out to myself Boyd or Clare the organisers