235     students

25            designers

6               schools

1                   day

An enormous thank you to the designers and companies who supported the event with their time, energy and passion!

Matthew David Armer

Heena Rai

John Denton

Bibi Cheung

Graz Mulcahy

Danny Fang

Lucia Cheung

Becky Luk

Kalen Curtis

Kay Liu

Fan Fang

Ellie Sui

Nomera Ajmal

Roger De Leon

Robin Wilkinson

Alan Peggie

Mubarak Marafa

Rupert Inman

Sarah Marland

Santina Bonini

Joep Hövels

Jasper Hilkhuijsen

Peter Dean

Ernesto Spicciolato

Bem Robinson

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Thank you to the presenters

Ms Kay Liu

Education Manager, Redress (The organiser of The EcoChic Design Award)

Dr Harry Brown

Principal of Renaissance College

what did the students enjoy?

I learned a lot of life lessons, teaching us more about how life is unpredictable, and how as long as you focus hard on what you want to do you can achieve it.


Seeing what the designers had created within their career and how they have developed new ideas to improve or add more to our lives, such as architecture and products in our households.


The opportunity to meet experts from all fields of design enabled me to have a better understanding of the different areas of design, which was definitely inspirational and thought-provoking.


The variety of the classes available of the day. I thought that it gave me a really good insight on the career paths and highlights of the career that allowed me to define my choice of study for university.


I enjoyed about the information that I could gather outside the classroom, and know better of what the reality is working as a designer.


Being able to meet real designers and have them explain what it is like to be in the business of designing and how it works and the different variety of jobs there are.


inspiring conversations with designers currently working in the field


Learning about design processes, such as where ideas come from and how they can develop


The things which I have gained from design day is completely different to what I learn from school and textbooks.


I enjoyed meeting amazing designers working in Hong Kong


The sessions were really interactive and very relatable to real life design.