"I learnt that in order to become a great designer you aren't necessarily required to go to university or do lots and lots of studying, it's really just about how much you like designing and what you are willing to do in order achieve your goal as a designer, it's really just hard work.  I will have this mind in the future whenever I feel that I am underachieving."


Ruby Lau 

previously delivered

PIMPing unused and broken products to give them a new lease of life.


Developing a landscape concept plan for a known space.


Exploring Illustration styles and techniques.


How to find design inspiration. 


Preparing for a future in design.


Exploring the design process – from concept to production.


Sharing portfolios.


Design process and product introduction in fashion.


Predicting future trends.


Developing ideas and concepts into jewelry products.


How to find jobs and lead layout planning exercises.


Re-designing cargo containers for a secondary life.


How to introduce new products in the market place and the path of to becoming a designer.


The art of retail design and using SketchUp to design, model and create retail environments.


Exploring design concepts in action. Participants are assigned roles (e.g. architect, engineer, landscape designer) and collaborate on a      design challenge.


Guided drawing exercises that can be used for problem solving and visualization.


Through the lens of personal experience, discussion on what it is like to work in architecture, furniture design, art direction and strategy.


Discussion on the role of a design manager and strategies used to recognize and respond to global fashion trends.


Managing and troubleshooting products from the current season.


Exploring design history and how to succeed in the design industry.


Exploring the convergence of design, art and science through the lenses of curiosity, discovery and innovation.


Exploring the concepts of “user centered” design and how concurrent engineering leads to better designed products.  


The process of greening the design process, case studies, design tasks and discussions.


The design process within the Architectural design industry, the ways in which the design is communicated at different stages of the process.


The design concepts and technology involved in Jewellery making — from bench work and metal casting to 3D printing and CAD software.


Learn how the Sunglass design process works and then hear about how sunglasses are used and sold in the world. You will have the opportunity to design a pair of glasses and ask questions by a master in the field


A taster of the complexity and beauty of making – a process that architects conduct and engage in on a daily basis at different levels and different scales.


How to prepare a dynamic portfolio


Fashion and the environment, focussing on the waste issue from the textile industry. Introductions to three waste reducing design techniques, including zero-waste, up-cycling and reconstruction that design students can practise


Design Value of League of Legends. By sharing design values, people who wish to design games can also find their own version.


An overview of how jewellery is made and how gemstones are graded.


101 Silversmithing. Presenting the world of silversmithing.


Interactive discussion reviewing how design learned in school may or may not be applied in the real world.


Landscape Architecture, what do they do and how you can become one.


An introduction to new concepts in Design thinking with regards to HCI and User Experience.


Floating Compression- Building tensegrity models.


A talk about working in ladies fashion lingerie and swimwear.


Exploring the design process – from concept to production.   + Sharing portfolios. + Predicting future trends.  +


How to introduce new products in the market place and the path of to becoming a designer.


Exploring design concepts in action. Participants will be assigned roles (e.g. architect, engineer, landscape designer) and collaborate on a design challenge.

design day 2019  TBA