"Interesting to learn the different paths taken by designers and their choices to make up their career. I got to say that Mubarak Marafa was the best as he was young and he could relate to us students as he is a student himself in University. He explained the way he approaches situations, the way thinks, etc. I want more of that." Jonathan Fu

I particularly enjoyed sessions where our speakers shared their work with us and discussed the thought processes they had while working on them (David Waterman). I personally believe that having an opportunity to learn about the processes these professional designers go through to develop their designs is more beneficial for us as students and developing designers, as we both rarely have a chance to genuinely hear about these thoughts and, if we do choose to follow through with a design career, inevitably have to develop design processes that work for us.

        Howard Cheng

Three dogs industrial design session


It was interesting to have a look at what basic and seemingly useless items could be turned into with a bit of creativity and work.



I now know not to immediately discard something as useless, and make sure to have a look at how these items could be used. Remembering that anything can be readapted.    Chris Fung




I will remember the skills I learnt with Robin Wilkinson when doing the spaghetti and marshmallow challenge.

Joe Shiba 


I learnt a lot more about structural engineering and its difficulties and its large roles in society.

SQ Mah


Put the marshmallow on top and then build. I also learnt that in engineering no matter your branch you will need to design at some point, in college or in the field.

Kevin Cochran

Alex Leung


Thank you for providing a better insight on the world of interior design, I had loads of fun and got to know more about design! You're also really nice and funny :)



Thanks for showing me your house and teaching me how to do interior designing.


Peter Dean




- Veronica Wong


Thank you for giving us an interesting time on design day.

Lucas Lau



It was really informative and I learned a lot! Now I really want to becoame a fashion designer!  Clare

The main thing I learnt was from Mr Peggie. Being a landscape designer is more than just making things look nice; you also have to keep your client's needs in mind. For example, if you live on the mountains and when it rains the water from the mountains comes down, landscape designers need to implement a drainage system where this water is dealt with. I also learnt that being a landscape designer means that you work with a lot of other specialists, like engineers. Alvin Cheung

I learned the Core Principles of Design in Javi Serrano's session as well as User Centered Design and Non-linear design process. This will help me in the future.


Thomas Xu


In John Denton's session i learnt what architects do, work with and how they take on challenges and give creative solutions.

Wing Chun Chan


For the first session I went to John Denton, an architect who has designed hysan place and elements mall. The computerised images of the malls were very interesting. I learned a lot.

Sarah Yetman

I learned from Joep/Jaspar from ARUP


  • Experience how different professions collaborate to solve a problem, see difficulties in communication.

  • Profession Collaboration. 

                                              Thomas Xu


Arup is a good company that emphasises on teamwork with people from other job areas. I learned from them that Design is about solving problems.

I might consider Urban Designing/Architect/Engineering for my future career path.

Jago Pang


Thank you very much for teaching us about what engineers do and I enjoyed the group activity a lot. After this session, I will now consider being a Engineer in the future! Brian Lam


One of the sessions I had was architecture with architect Jason Schlabach. I inquired him about his sources of inspirations and he told us how he once competed with his friend on who takes most random pictures and how he found new ideas within the random themes; he advised us to always make good observations of our surroundings regardless of how ordinary and unexciting they seem. Since then I have been heeding his advice, often looking around the environment I am in.    Ann Han

Enoch Ho


During the talk with the illustrator, John, my perspective on the arts shifted when we were discussing the levels of arts. There is "good bad art" and "bad good art", afterwards developed out understanding of the context when we did drawing tasks with him, and during the activity he mentioned that good artists have a hard time doing this. Our activity was that we'd be given a word, for example "garden", but we weren't allowed to draw anything related to a garden, which really excised our creative thinking, I did find it really difficult because the illustrator made me leave my comfort zone and kept asking me to "draw bigger" "use more negative space"... etc. After the session was over, I was less afraid of dismantling my sketchbooks, and making perfect drawings, and really did help me a lot in terms of being more loose and carefree.

Javi Serrano


Ernesto Spicciolato