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220     students

20            designers

5                schools

1                   day

Inaugural Design Day

"I found Design Day very interesting and enjoyable. The event is an excellent opportunity for students to look into what professionals do in their field, and can help them decide what they want to pursue if they were to choose design as their career."    Michael Xin  



David Waterman

Patrick Crowley

John Denton

Bibi Cheung

Johnny Bridges


Jason Schlabach

Jonathon Jay Lee

Philippe Larose

Enoch Ho

Alex Leung


Javi Serrano

Robin Wilkinson

Alan Peggie

Mubarak Marafa

Daphney Ho


Santina Bonini

Joep Hövels

Jasper Hilkhuijsen

Peter Dean

Ernesto Spicciolato


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what did the students enjoy?

I enjoyed the fact that we got to meet a specialist that has extensive experience in the subject they were teaching, and that we got to do a mix of practical work and learning.


The wide range of areas in design, very interested to look into other perspectives in design. I was able to learn more about the experiences from professionals, the things that they've made.


I liked how we were shown what interior designers do for big companies like Dior and Clarins, and how they take so much time with sketchup to build models.


The day was very informative, it was extremely fascinating to hear from designers who work in the industry. The three sessions exposed me to different areas of design.


I enjoyed that fact that I had the opportunity to learn more about a new area of designing that I have the interest of doing.


I enjoy working with other classmates who have the same interests. It was also interesting to see several designers from different fields of Design to work with us. Their personal work and activities were engaging and very much useful.


Meeting with well-known designers who worked in many significant projects


The presentations were interesting and interactive with the audience. The day also included a few activities which made the learning process fun.


I think the best part of the day was getting to know how each designer came into the industry. From the 2 sessions, the two designers that I had signed up for, came into the industry through very different paths, yet, they are in the same field of fashion.


I enjoyed learning different things about Jewerly making and designing. It was something new that was exciting to experince.


The fact that we we're able to learn more about design and how what jobs opportunities it can lead to in the future.


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