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Concept research with Sketch up or hand sketch.

Presentation of company and project we did + All step from design to opening for our latest store.

( I ll choose either Velo City or Decathlon )

Philippe Larose

Architectural planner and interior designer

Phil Design ltd.

Established in 2000, Phil Design is one of the leading companies specialized in commercial interior design in Hong Kong. Phil Design provides comprehensive design package services ranging from corporate image branding to planning and design of physical retail space. Specific services provided include image branding concept research, corporate image design, architectural planning, interior design, visual communication, graphic design, construction, quality control and overall project management. In addition to its particular expertise in cosmetic sector, Phil Design is experienced in providing its services to fashion, accessories and food and beverage retail industry. Previous major clients include internationally well-known brands such as L’oreal group, Clarins, Calvin Klein, Bvlgari, Longines,Gucci watches, Anna Sui cosmetic etc and most of them are Phil Design’s regular clients.

Experience sharing of working in a startup game company

Dave Cheung

CEO of Hidden Boss

After graduating from HKUST, Dave worked for two years in the government before pursuing his graduate studies in the University of Exeter in the UK and then returning to Hong Kong to work in corporate finance as a business consultant and fund manager. Through these experiences he was able to meet entrepreneurs in various industries from different countries and learn from their successes and mistakes, equipping him with the confidence and know-how to start his own business.

Introduce the structure of a game company, how game designer, programmer and game artist work together and the problem they face.



No Such Thing as a Stupid Question

Showcase of design and interactive LEAP Motion Technology.

Share my work with you. Discussion about fun design, giving you briefs with quick ideas. Discussions about the responses, some further development on your ideas in groups.



Barney McCann

Creative Director at H Concepts also Freelance


I’m a designer from London, my experience of design at the age of many of the students at Design Day was awful; I went to a really bad school and had an especially bad design tutor. At GCSE I got a D in Graphic Design. I didn’t think there was a possible career in that direction and began to look in to other potential futures. I went on to Central Saint Martins and got a 1st Class Hons. Degree in Graphic and Interactive Design and also Graphic Design Moving Image. During my Degree I started a Production Company with a friend, making music videos, documentaries and adverts, upon graduating I continued that work as we spread out in to broader Graphic Design and Future Technologies. I was then contacted by a company in Hong Kong looking for a Creative Director. Now I work full-time in that role here in Hong Kong while straddling my freelance work as often as I can.

Jake Sharp

Technical Director & Co-Founder

Web & App Design, UX and Branding at Rush Hour Media

I’m Co-Founder and Technical Director of Rush Hour Media, a digital agency in Sheung Wan.
Along with my business partner Jerome, I’m securing the series A funding for or first seed funded Asia based startup.
I’m creating founder and curator of online radio station Momentum
Past projects and ideas are under eighty8
When I’m away from a keyboard like to make furniture.

How we make more internet!

The steps for taking an idea and making it a real thing.


Jen Paolini

Art Director at Foodie

"Born in HK and bred in Germany, I received my BFA in Illustration and Communication Design from SCAD and am now the Art Director for Foodie. I have experience working across different disciplines, including graphic and web design, illustration, photography and video, and printmaking. In my spare time, I create zines and run a hand-knit beanie business."

Make Art, Get Money

A talk on working in the illustration, publishing, advertising, and media industries, experiences as an in-house creative and a freelance designer, life advice if you plan on going to art school, as well as different design disciplines.

How to Design an App People Love

Why do some apps land an immediate hit with users and why do some just struggle and fail? We will talk about user experience design principles behind web and mobile products, what makes them stick with the user, and how to create a successful product that people want to use.


An overview of how design is applied to almost any aspect of human life.
Design is a way to interact with the world, it’s about progress, from concept
to creation, from imagining to making with the aim to generate a difference.

Workshop: Create a new object for a given character

Santina Bonini

design-bs director - Visiting lecturer CityU - Hong Kong Design Centre Consultant

Santina has over 30 years experience in Interior Design and Product
She is Co-Founder and Creative Director of the Product and Interior
Design Consultancy Design-bs, award-winning firms whose works
have been exhibited in various countries and have received
international recognition with publications in Europe and the USA.
With over 20 years experience working in Asia, Santina has acquired
ability working in cross-cultural context and has extended her
profession by working as University Advisor and Lecturer, Consultant
for Creative Business institutions and Independent Journalist for
international magazines.

From Design to Manufacturing

I will be sharing on how to transition our design to manufacturing. From inspiration, to design, proto-typing, manufacture and launching a new product in retail.

Candy Ng

Graphic Design and Project Manager at Civilian Goods

Civilian Goods was founded by two designers, Kenneth Ng and Candy. The husband and wife duo enjoy designing and making unique products that reflect their personalities.

Candy graduated from California College of the Art in San Francisco with a BFA in Graphic Design. In 2011, she started Cilivilan Goods. Design is her passion and her objective is to create simple but functional, minimal yet fashionable products. She believe that unique approaches towards design has been key to their successes.

Simon Kwan

Senior Creative for Galileo Watermark 

Simon is a Senior Creative for Galileo Watermark, a top supplier of in-flight amenities and passenger service products for the global airline industry. They design and supply products to airlines such as Cathay Pacific, United, Etihad, Qantas, to name a few.

Innovate or Stagnate

An argument for design innovation as a strategic business tool. In any market or industry, business competition is fierce. The word innovation is often touted by companies in their marketing campaigns. But what does innovation really mean, in particular from a designer’s perspective? This session will examine design-led innovation as a strategic business tool. We will review case studies from famous companies as well as a couple of examples from Galileo Watermark.

These days, illustrators are creating content for everything; from editorial, advertising, packaging and branding, to blogs, fashion shows and special events.

The Business of Illustration

Tanya Bennett

Owner of Pirate



Paul Thompson

Organiser, Curator

Event Management, Design


Paul has created the very successful Hong Kong Reggae and Ska festival. The festival attracts many well known overseas artists and sponsorship from brands such as Havainas, Vans and Fred Perry.

Working with venues, brands and artists to create successful events

During the session we will look at creating a brand identity for a music event. Attracting and working with sponsors, using social media as a platform for promotion and working with artists from overseas in Hong Kong. In this session you will design your own music event.

Louis Chow

Game Producer at RIOT GAMES

Current-Producer at Riot Games

Past- China Publishing at Riot Games China, Director/ Co-Founder at BannerSHOP Co. Ltd., Managing Director at Neviah Investment Holdings Ltd.


Education- Western University, Shatin College

Designing virtual clothing

In this session we will explore the design process of creating cosmetic content in games, particularly "skins" in the game League of Legends. We will look at how to develop an idea and make it come to life through visual design, 3D animation, and sound. Students will have an opportunity to get hands-on in developing some skin ideas.

Patta Arkaresvimun

Founder and CEO of Bite Unite


BiteUnite was founded by Patta Arkaresvimun, a creative who used to work in the corporate world but decided to leave her job and focus her energies full-time on the vibrant community she started. 


INSIGHTS FOR INNOVATION will help student uncover insights about the unmet needs of their target audience. Student ’ll practice skills, like empathy and observation, to get to the heart of their business challenge.

David Tring

Product Vice President; Lee Jeans, Asia Pacific


A product guy and retailer specialized in the Asian and European markets, driven by a passion to develop and lead great design, buying and merchandising teams. 

Blending Cognitive Science and Design to create Holistic Body Optimsiation

Do you want your legs to look longer, your bottom to look smaller, or Perkier or to enhance the natural curves of the body? Through the blending of Cognitive Science and design this is now a reality. This is patented breakthrough innovation developed by the Lee Jeans award winning design team in Hong Kong and Visual Scientists at VF'S Cognitive science laboratory in Ervine California launched succesfully in China in 2016 targeting the Asian Female Body Type and was exhibited at last months London Fashion week. Understanding how the brain interprates vision and the world around us enables designers to design products that will truly meet consumers needs.

John Denton

Executive Director Lead 8

Architectural and Interior Designer

John is an Executive Director at Lead 8, with his focus being the Interior architecture of large scale mixed-use projects, such as Elements Mall - Hong Kong, IAPM Mall – Shanghai, IFC Mall, Shanghai, and Seoul International Finance Centre – Korea.

Designer as a story teller

The session will focus on the design process within the Architectural design industry. We will look at the ways in which the design is communicated at different stages of the process, drawings, computer 2D and 3D modelling, students will also experience augmented, as well as virtual reality.
the session will be hands on, where the students have to communicate their ideas.

Roger De Leon

Little Burro Founder, DJ, Designer.

Roger has a degree in Industrial Design from Virginia Tech and has been making a living in Hong Kong for the past 8 and a half years providing branding solutions for small businesses and restaurants.

Design in the real world

Interactive discussion reviewing how design learned in school may or may not be applied in the real world



Designing Learning spaces

Patrick Crowley

Architect / Co-Founder of Sprouts Design

Patrick has worked as an Architect on some of Asia's most interesting design and construction projects over the last few years, including Hong Kong International Cuisine Institute, Kai Tak Sports Park, as well as, a number of education facilities. He recently co-founded Sprouts Design and is currently collaborating with a Causeway Bay learning center on the design and delivery methods for innovative learning products.

A brief overview on how classrooms are changing around the world, together with a practical session on designing the perfect classroom.



Alan Peggie

Landscape Architect

Lecturer Fellow @ The Higher Education Institute (THEi) in Hong Kong

Hi, l have worked as a Landscape Architect for over 30 years in Australia and the UK in a range of Design Consultancies and have loved every minute of it! l am now teaching in Hong Kong and would be keen to share with you what l love about the profession and what a typical day in the life of a Landscape Architect involves. Look forward to catching up with you.

We will be talking about Landscape Architecture, what do they do and how you can become one. We will try and cover the wide range of projects that you would be involved with and and will set the students a short design exercise to get their creative juices going!


Places and spaces, designing for people.


Sarah Marland

Design Director- Cerie International

Lingerie Designer


A British Design Director working in Asia for over a decade focusing on Lingerie, Swimwear and Sleepwear. Leading design teams to create fashionable, commercial garments for a wide range of international brands such as Topshop, Oysho and Mark and Spencers.

An overview of Lingerie Design within the Fashion Industry

I will be giving students an overview of what it is like to be a designer within the fashion industry. I will clarify the differences between working for supplier and a brand, and cover the key areas both focus on e.g. market research, following & developing trends, sourcing fabrics and designing commercial garments.
Students will have the opportunity to get an initial idea of what it is like working in this creative field by creating a mood board and sketching up designs.

Danny Fang

creative director at Fang Studio / founder of High5dogs

I am a product designer, design immigrant, and design entrepreneur. And I try to have fun at anything I do.

The fun of creating

Going to show some of the previous work and our new start up high5dogs, an innovative pet brand

Graz Mulcahy

Eyewear designer 

Creative Director at ill.i Optics

I am a proficient product design and creative director. I have worked with some of the biggest brands and celebrities in the world to make dreams come true.

Design Considerations

Graz is a master of his field and will take you through the unique process of eyewear and accessories design and what it’s like to be a designer in the modern day.

Sustainability - so boring

We will take a look at sustainability in design and products. Try to make it less boring without reducing the importance.

Becky Lohan

Design Consultant for NEXT

Becky is a Fashion Design Consultant for Next, the UK’s largest high street retailer with over 600 stores including a global online retail business.

Specialising in product development and sourcing for sweater knits, Becky’s role focuses on design and development of yarns and garments, sourcing new factory bases and coordinating the total R&D process for the Next brand from within the Asia Pacific region.

Fashion Design and Development For a Retail Brand

The session will focus on the design and development process for a leading UK retailer of knitted garments, from yarn sourcing to final garment development across menswear, womenswear and childrenswear ranges within Next. We will discuss how to identify, build and present trends and the different stages of the design process from initial concept, material sourcing, developing a 3D knitted swatch to final sweater design. The session with be interactive and the students will encouraged to share their ideas whilst experiencing current yarn and garment concepts being developed for the Autumn/Winter 2018 season for Next.

Eddie Chan

Founder and principal N*ICE POPS of NICE COMPANY

Eddie Chan landed in Hong Kong to stretch his culinary wings in the ice pop business. 

N*ce Time

In this session you will be exploring start up, design, marketing, branding and business through a local food company

This time around, I’d like to focus on product design as a whole and what it means to have empathy as a designer, and why its the most important thing regardless of which design field you’re in. I believe this will be valuable for the students because no matter what field they decide to enter, empathy and being able to get out of their own heads will level up their design thinking skills.

Empathy in Design

Mubarak Marafa

Freelance Digital Designer

I’m Mubarak Marafa, a Nigerian Interaction Designer from Hong Kong. I’ve got a Masters in Design for Interaction Design and studied Creative Media.

i design

I am a Designer with user needs at the center of my focus. Empathy is important to me and this reflects in my design thinking. I’m a wizard with a white board and exercise a holistic approach to my design process, from research to paper prototypes and mockups, to coded high fidelity prototypes.

i code

Due to my background in Critical Intermedia Labs during my years in Creative Media, I am indeed proficient in coding (HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript, Python). These were mostly self-taught during projects that I needed them in. It doesn't stop, I’m constantly leveling up my skills as both a programmer and a designer. Being a quick study comes in handy when I need to learn a new tool for a project.

i make

From a young age, I’ve always loved pulling apart my toys and putting them back together again. I have built rapid prototypes with 3D printing and know how to work with Arduino and Raspberry Pi (I can solder like nobodies business). These have been reflected in the projects I’ve worked on in the past.


Design Thinking, User Centric Design, Empathetic Design, Stories, Design Collaboration, Design+Code, Front-End Web Development, 3D Graphics, Motion Graphics, Animation, Maker, Quick Study, Passionate, Team Player, Communicator, Adaptive, Play, Fun, ...Lots of Fun

Mia Shu

Education Executive at Redress

Fashion Textiles NGO

Cutting waste out of fashion

There will be an introduction about fashion and the environment, focusing on the waste issue from industry in particular, and followed by introductions to three waste reducing design techniques, including zero-waste, up-cycling and reconstruction that design students can practise. A Powerpoint presentation and videos will be shown.

Nomfundo Sarah Msomi

Creative Director at FITCH

Digital Design & Branding

I help brands & businesses communicate better. 


That means I'm an expert on what to say, how to say it, and why it needs to be said. From global campaigns to startup manifestos, I've partnered with teams on great content built on visionary strategy. 

Why Every Designer Should Be A Strategist

In an increasingly competitive design world, it takes more than pure technical skills to stay ahead and relevant. This interactive session will explore the commercially strategic aspects of design, using groundbreaking case studies conducted by a global branding agency, and will hopefully encourage students to think more boldly and insightfully about careers in design.

Andrea Stahlman

Associate Director of Recruitment

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

"Careers in the Creative Field"

"Careers in the Creative Field" will explore the growing creative fields in both Asia and North America. We will discuss how an education in art and design can directly translate into a sustainable career while giving advice for how to find and obtain a dream job in the arts.

"Drawing Workshop"

This drawing workshop with SCAD's Director of Fine Art Thomas Dang Vu will explore the 3 M's of drawing: measure, measure, and measure. Participants will learn how drawing and fine art is introduced at the university level in this hands-on workshop.

Joakim Cimmerbeck

Owner and director of Eico

Eico manufacture and sell high quality sustainable paint and decorative products

Previously an Investment banker. I then helped start eicó, a carbon-neutral company, which is as close to a clean and raw product that paint can possibly be. If I can get people to think differently about their environment and the crap we allow into our personal spaces, then I will have contributed to something. Think about it – paint is everywhere life is: in classrooms, bedrooms, offices, hospital wards. If people can begin to consider what we slap on walls, then maybe they’ll be more discerning when it comes other things too. Paint won’t save the world, but it’s a real start.


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