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Daphey HO

Senior Designer – VANS

Peter Dean

Managing Director – Materiality +

Jason Schlabach

Brand Strategist for Urban Design and Planning

David Waterman

Senior Design Director at AT&T/ VTech


Philippe Larose

Architectural planner and interior designer

Phil Design ltd.

Johnney Bridges

Design Manager Asia Pacific – VF Corp.

Joep Hovels

Architectural Designer and Façade Engineer – Arup Corp.

Ernesto Spicciolato

Design Lecturer –Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Product Designer & Consultant – Design-BS

and SD works.

Patrick Crowley

Senior Architect – Leigh and Orange Ltd

Sjoerd Hoekstra

Founder – Three Dogs Retail Design

Robin Wilkinson

Associate Structural Engineer – Aecom

Jonathan Jay Lee

Freelance Illustrator

Bibi Cheung

Jewelry Designer and Brand Developer

Alan Peggie

Landscape Architect



Freelance Interior Designer

A massive thanks to the designers and companies involved in the event. We are enormously grateful for the time and energy you put into the day. 

Enoch Ho

Fashion Designer/ Director Berayah Ltd.

Mubarak Marafa

Freelance Digital Designer

John Denton

Director LEAD Architects

Architectural and Interior Designer

Santina Bonini

Design Lecturer – Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Product Designer & Consultant – Design-BS, HK

Jasper Hilkhuijsen

Urban Designer – Arup Corp.

Javier Serrano

Brand Manager – Maiori Furniture

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