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Daphey HO

Senior Designer – VANS

Peter Dean

Managing Director – Materiality +

David Waterman

Senior Design Director at AT&T/ VTech


Philippe Larose

Architectural planner and interior designer

Phil Design ltd.

Johnney Bridges

Design Manager Asia Pacific – VF Corp.

Joep Hovels

Architectural Designer and Façade Engineer – Arup Corp.

Ernesto Spicciolato

Design Lecturer –Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Product Designer & Consultant – Design-BS

and SD works.

Patrick Crowley

Senior Architect – Leigh and Orange Ltd

Sjoerd Hoekstra

Founder – Three Dogs Retail Design

Robin Wilkinson

Associate Structural Engineer – Aecom

Jonathan Jay Lee

Freelance Illustrator

Bibi Cheung

Jewelry Designer and Brand Developer

Alan Peggie

Landscape Architect



Freelance Interior Designer

A massive thanks to the designers and companies involved in the event. We are enormously grateful for the time and energy you put into the day. 

Jason Schlabach

Brand Strategist for Urban Design and Planning

Enoch Ho

Fashion Designer/ Director Berayah Ltd.

Mubarak Marafa

Freelance Digital Designer

John Denton

Director LEAD Architects

Architectural and Interior Designer

Santina Bonini

Design Lecturer – Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Product Designer & Consultant – Design-BS, HK

Jasper Hilkhuijsen

Urban Designer – Arup Corp.

Javier Serrano

Brand Manager – Maiori Furniture