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Welcome to
design day 2019 

This years event once again partnered up with Business of Design Week as an educational satellite event.


A shared belief that we should celebrate creativity and innovation with a vision to strengthen Hong Kong as a creative hub in Asia.

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2019 Theme

235    students

26            designers

5               schools

1                   day

An enormous thank you to the designers and companies who supported the event with their time, energy and passion!

Robin Wilkinson
Jasper Hilkhuijsen
Dave Cheung
Yannick Lenormand

David Tring

Kristy Hon

Benson Cheung
Gail Deayton
Joyce Yip

Steven Crane
Ginny Leung

Patrik Wallner

Tim Wong

Murbarak Marafa
Eddie Chan
Joakim Cimmerbeck

Marcelo Duhalde

Paul Thompson

David Waterman

Taihoon Kim
Ari Liu

Adolfo Arranz
Lillian Lai

Varun Wadhawan

Lauren Boucher

Kay Liu

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Thank you to the presenters








Ms. Sam Lam

Mr. Jevan Chowdhury

Dr. Harry Brown

Director of Business Development & Projects Hong Kong Design Centre


Ms Sam Lam is the Director of Business Development & Projects of Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), a non-profit organization and HKSAR Government’s strategic partner on design; dedicating to use design and innovation to drive value creation, as well as improve the well-being and resilience of society.


           Director, Wind & Foster



Jevan Chowdhury is an experienced multimedia artist working in commercials and performing arts. He has created work for international organisations, governments and cultural institutions. Recent clients include The UK Department of International Trade, Adobe UK,  Visit Dallas, The Institution of Civil Engineers and Transport for London.


Principal of Renaissance College


Dr. Brown joined Renaissance College in 2009. He brings to the community over 25 years of service to education in several capacities, including IB teacher, DP coordinator, principal and deputy superintendent. 

We asked the students who attended ......

'Was there a moment, a picture, a sentence, a session that inspired an idea or changed the way you think? 

..........and this is what they said

Changing Directions - 2 words that can be interpreted so differently by different people.


"If you don't know what to do, just follow your passion", was a very inspiring sentence that I heard during the opening talk, as well as in the sessions throughout the day. I always used to worry about whether I should follow a career path that would be more 'useful' to me and make me more money, or do something that I love. This sentence made me sure that I want to follow a creative career in my future because I want to do something that I would love and enjoy.

Realizing that there are more career choices than you think and that creative ideas/creativity are what drives you to your passion and your career. It was inspiring knowing how people could turn their passion into a really successful career, which I admire.

I was kind of worried about what I would like to pursue in University and in the rest of my life but in participating in all three sessions, I sort of realised that most people end up much farther from where they originally intended, and many of them are quite happy being where they ended up.

I found Jevan Chowdhury’s opening speech a good way to start the whole day, as it was very thought provoking, and made me realise that I needed to chase after my dreams myself rather than waiting for them to come to me.

All of the workshops I attended gave me a great insight to the jobs, and, surprisingly, I would now consider any of these jobs in the future for my own career.

“Everyone is creative, when you’re stuck you just need to look at it from a different angle, it doesn’t mean you’re not creative”.

The opening speeches and Dr. Brown's closing speech. The first speech by Mr Jevan Chowdury taught me that no matter what I dream to do in life, there will be people there that think negatively. It doesn't matter how close they are, they might doubt you. And, the ending speech made me reflect on the entire day and made me realise how my passion should drive my decisions. It was very special to participate in Design Day.



We asked the students who attended ......

What did you like and enjoy about the event? 

..........and this is what they said

I enjoyed every aspect of the event, from making new friends to meeting individuals who had similar passions to learning more about what I love. However, one thing that I liked most about the event was seeing all the designers talk so passionately about their topic. Although they were not paid, they were still willing to come to the event and share their experience and knowledge with the students. I'm really thankful for them and their time, because they really inspired me to be more passionate about design and creativity, and they broadened my horizons. Thank you for organising a wonderful event :)

The designers had interesting stories to tell and that's what's the most important!! It's really great to see people genuinely so passionate about what they do and it's not just to get by in life.

I liked learning more about different areas of design as it inspired me to think about design for a possible future career.

I really enjoyed being a student helper, it was one of the best school events that I've attended and I'll definitely miss helping out. I enjoyed talking to each designer that I helped and finding more about them. And, it was fun participating in their sessions and learning more about their topic. Everything about the day was fun, each session was inclusive and enjoyable.

I found it to be very interesting to touch base with different types of design, and learn a little more about what those types of design really entail.

I found it to be very interesting to touch base with different types of design, and learn a little more about what those types of design really entail.


I enjoyed the variety of sessions and designer workshops available that broadened my understanding of the design world.

The interaction we had with the activities and how we could test out their work equipment. I loved looking at the work that they had done in the real world and how they partnered with companies to create such masterpieces.

I liked how a lot of the designers actually brought the products they usually make to the event. It provided tangible evidence of what passion, hard work, and innovation can create, and allowed us to clearly visualise what certain pathways would be like and what it would take if we were to pursue them.

I enjoyed the wide range of designers who attended the event. I thought that it was a good way to explore different areas of design and how I can potentially branch out into different majors of careers in the future. I thought that it another wonderful event this year and I was able to talk to the designers and ask questions. 

I enjoyed that the event was very live, and sociable. It was a great way to meet new students and collaborate with them. I loved that the sessions were not long talks, but rather workshops where it was hands on and we were able to apply our learning physically.

From all the sessions, understanding being a freelance from Patrik Wallner's session. When Joyce Wong told us about how when she was a kid just a little bit younger than us she already figured out what she wanted to do because all she wanted was to draw and she wasn't good at any other subjects and still get to where she is now. Understanding the process of starting your own business. All of these seemed to me as non-traditional ways of work so it was definitely an eye-opening experience since I never really considered these other pathways of work until I heard them talk about their experience with it.


06-12-2019 Epoch Times.jpg

Event Creator & Director

JERMAN, Boyd (1).Jpg

Boyd Jerman

Teacher of Design and Visual Arts

Renaissance College


Stacey Leung

Teacher of Visual Arts and Design

Renaissance College


Clare Musgrove 

Teacher of Design and Visual Arts

Renaissance College



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