231     students

26            designers

8               schools

1                   day

Santina Bonini

Eddie Chan

John Denton

Roger De Leon

Dave Cheung

David Tring

Andrea Stahlman

Patrick Crowley

Simon Kwan

Philippe Larose

Jake Sharp

Sarah Marland

Patta Arkaresvimun

Graz Mulcahy

Murbarak Marafa

Danny Fang

Barney McCann

Candy Ng

Nomfundo Sarah Msomi

Jen Paolini

Alan Peggie

Joakim Cimmerbeck

David Waterman

Tanya Bennett

Becky Lohan

Louis Chow

An enormous thank you to the designers and companies who supported the event with their time, energy and passion!

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Thank you to the presenters

Mr David Waterman

Senior Design Director at AT&T/ VTech

Founder of Deep Blue Design Consultants and Reel Blue Video

Multiple award winning designer that has worked in the top agencies world wide and works for some of the world's top companies in the area of product/ industrial design, graphics and packaging

JA Team


Renaissance College

Dr Harry Brown

Principal of Renaissance College

what did the students enjoy?

I really loved the positive atmosphere. There was this idea that they really wanted to educate us, and I understood a lot about how people become and stay designers.

I liked that all the designers were really into this, and their experiences that they had was really valuable to learn, also the feedback they gave us can help us in the future.

It really gave me a new scope into the design world. Personally I think there was a wide range on designers and was able to learn more about different fields that I have never considered. It overall was an incredible event.

I simply liked the option of getting to know more about design as I feel it to be a likely option as a career for me.


I really enjoyed the fact that the RCHK Design Teachers have organised a day like this. It really helps students gain insights into different career fields and gives them a better understanding of what being a designer in the real world is like.

I enjoyed meeting designers and learning new things about what to do when wanting to create a brand, what design actually was and what careers exist that artists and designers can get.

I really liked the wide range of design sessions we got to learn ranging from product design to fashion. I got a first hand experience from designers knowing they decided to do what they do, what inspires them, how they find clients, etc.


It's quite refreshing to meet with specific individuals and learn about how they work or how their company functions. This can broaden my mind on how I can cope with situations and planning if I were to want to persure something similar to that in the future.

I enjoyed how we were allowed to choose which designers to listen to and about what topics. It really allowed me to have the freedom to choose what I felt was best for my interests and what I would gain the most out of by joining. There were a variety of designers that attended too which really gave us a variety of options, which was great.

There were always people around to help out, everyone was very friendly and it was a great opportunity to be able to talk to a range of designers and learning about how they got to the position they are at now