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Robin Wilkinson
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Yannick Lenormand

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Jen Paolini

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Anton Van Kaathoven
Professor C.K. Kwong

Rob Garrett

Wai Tang

Christina Jensen

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Simon Chan
Joakim Cimmerbeck

Oliver Breit

Antoine d'Haussy

Taihoon Kim
Ari Liu

Gar Lake Wong

Joakim Cimmerbeck
Lillian Lai

Varun Wadhawan

Lauren Boucher

An enormous thank you to the designers and companies who supported the event with their time, energy and passion!

Thank you to the presenters

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Mr Nimrod Weiss

Director at ENESS

Weis is a passionate provocateur – constantly seeking to challenge the way we view cities and their spaces, and explore ways in which our shared experiences of technology and art bond us together. His work increasingly seeks to democratise the experience of art and entertainment, making it deliberately open to people of all ages and backgrounds.

JA Team


Renaissance College

Junior Achievement entrepreneurial program WINNERS 2019.

Beating over 90 schools across Hong kong

Dr Harry Brown

Principal of Renaissance College

We asked the students who attended ......

'Was there a moment, a picture, a sentence, a session that inspired an idea or changed the way you think? 

..........and this is what they said

Choose what you want to do. Don't focus on the salary or the high pay. Do what you love. At first I thought that the career I've dreamt of doing was going to be difficult on my family due to the low pay. However I really enjoyed that area and after I came to Design Day my mind was filled with inspiration and motivation to start building up my portfolio and experiences.


Spend your future doing something you love, rather than something you're forced to do." this was really inspiring and motivating.


Overall, the day helped me think more about the career path I wanted to take.

Dr. Brown gave us a powerful message. It inspired me to always try your best, there will be mistakes, learn from them and mostly, never give up.


We need to become more environmentally friendly because we're not sustainable.

Everything will come your way if you are passionate and work hard for your dream.

As we grow up we should play more not less.

I have learnt that design is way more than just drawing and sketching, as it is also important for a designer to be able to express their creativity and be able to communicate to their audience through their designs.

The photography session, it sparked my interest in photography again after a long time.

I had never really had any interest in the field of illustration, but upon hearing her presentation, I have come to think about that particular career option more. It was far more interesting than I had expected it to be, and the industry wasn't as restricting as I thought it was.

The fashion design talk session definitely gave me a new perspective on fashion. It taught me how to brainstorm ideas much easier, and how to give designs a meaning and story behind them.

It helped me think about what companies may look for in artists.

I learnt the hard work put into designing and making a restaurant. Also the chef's story is really inspiring as she jokingly said she wanted her own restaurant and now she does, several years later.

Fashion can be simple but also have meaning.

Inspired me to pursue architecture as a career.

It made me think about the importance of designers connecting with the people they are designing for.

The activity that I did in my 2nd session changed the way that I thought of how professionals worked. I thought that it would be less fun and would be very serious.

Antoine d'Haussy Changed my way of viewing how i see finance, i see that it is much closer to design then i had first initially thought and there is always a way to combine the two by strategically selling products.

I think the idea of teamwork from Wai Tang really the way I think.

My first session changed the way i think about design. For me, I always thought that the highest honor you can get in the design world is by being an architect, however, after the session, I found out that I was quite interested in urban designing and it was more fun than i expected.

The day was completely different to what I had expected. I was able to enjoy the company of 3 spectacular designers including Nimrod's 'ENESS' and RCHK's JA company, 'loveables'

I did not expect to be so inspired and interested in the fields in which I received talks from.