220     students

27            designers

6               schools

1                   day

Klaus Kummer

Santina Bonini

Eddie Chan

Bibi Cheung

John Denton

Enoch Ho

Sjoerd Hoekstra

Douglas Young

Simon Kwan

Philippe Larose

Victoria Leigh

Jason Webster

Ari Liu

Kay Liu

Ellis Lowers

Murbarak Marafa

Anne Carroll Marshall

Barney McCann

Judy Wong

Amelia Moss

Jen Paolini

Alan Peggie

Jerome Tam

David Waterman

Sarah Williamson

Garlake Wong

Tim Wong

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An enormous thank you to the designers and companies who supported the event with their time, energy and passion!

Thank you to the presenters

Mr Klaus Kummer

President &CEO / KDT International Co Ltd

Mr Douglas Young

Co Founder of G.O.D.

Dr Harry Brown

Principal of Renaissance College

what did the students enjoy?

I liked that we could know more about design and it allow me to consider if this is the right path for me.


It was nice to learn from other, more experienced people about your desired form of design


I really liked the insight it gave me into the real world of design, highlights, complications, things to do and experiences to look forward to.


Session designers were super nice and helpful. I also really enjoyed listening to Douglas Young's speech about designing and what it takes to make it in the industry.


To communicate with experts, in order to have a clearer goal and that there were a lot of information about the different areas of design

Interacting with several speakers and gaining a wider understanding of design interpretations and also meeting many new kids my age.

I liked listening to the different talks because it really provided different insights on designing and introduced me to a wide range of different styles as well.


I liked getting to meet so many creative people and I loved seeing the art and projects that they created and I thought it was extremely inspiring.

Being able to listen to different designers experience, job, what they enjoy, what they like to do, how design has influenced them etc.

There were always people around to help out, everyone was very friendly and it was a great opportunity to be able to talk to a range of designers and learning about how they got to the position they are at now

I enjoyed the 1:1 we got with a designer and how personal and close-up it was.