Design Day is centred around building on the students' learning inside of the classroom. Hong Kong's creative industries community have been coming together and supporting this event annually. Industry professionals share their passion, knowledge, insight and daily practices with our students to deepen their understanding of potential future pathways.                                                                                            

We are very lucky to have Hong Kong’s most innovative design thinkers, many of who have set up and manage their own companies, are directors, brand creators, alumni and university lecturers.                                                                                      

The day is split into sessions across the day which allow students to choose activities and areas of business, art and design that interest them.                                                                                                    The variety of sessions present students the opportunity to work with other students from different year groups and schools. In this, the sharing of many different perspectives and experiences.                           

The atmosphere is a tangible one and receives overwhelming positive feedback from all attendees.      



The event attracts professionals from a wide range of areas in design, art and business.

Over the years the students have been able to spend time with professionals from the fields of product design, fashion/ textiles, art, jewelry, interior design, branding and strategy, engineering, business, architecture, marketing, food, architecture, game design, media, illustration, gemmology, graphic design and eyewear.

Who is involved?

What do the professionals think of the event? We interviewed two of them and asked.......        click on the button to watch

Why do you choose to participate in Design Day?

What value do you think Design Day has?

Do you wish you had an event like this when you were this age?

What would you wish the students to take away from this experience?

What do you enjoy about this event?

John Denton

Executive Director LEAD Architects

Architectural and Interior Designer

John is an Executive Director at Lead 8, with his focus being the interior architecture of large scale mixed-use projects, such as Elements Mall - Hong Kong, IAPM Mall – Shanghai, IFC Mall, Shanghai, and Seoul International Finance Centre – Korea.

Kay Liu

Education Manager, Redress (The organiser of The EcoChic Design Award)

Kay is responsible for executing educational content and supporting in content strategy. Kay brings with her a wealth of experience from the fashion and textile industry and has a MA in Ethical Fashion from the University for the Creative Arts, UK. Prior to Redress, Kay worked for over 10 years in textile design, menswear design and within different sectors of the fashion supply chain. Kay was also an advisor for a NGO in Nepal. 


What do students have to say about the event?

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"  I really liked that I was able to meet so many 'real life' designers that were able to share their experiences of getting to where they are now and sharing their work with us."  Amy Chan

" I'm a new student to WIS and at my old school, we never experienced anything like this. I really enjoyed sitting and listening to the speakers. Design day has opened another door in the design world for me. Design Day was very educational for me and I am very grateful for being invited to go this year."    James Wronkowski 

" I like the talks and learning the thought processes from the different designers and understanding what the design industry is like. I learned a lot about the design process and also about the design business industry. I enjoyed the activities that were given from the designers during the sessions." Tiffany Lam

" It is a privileged to attend this event. This event has boarded my knowledge of Design and Technology. I really enjoyed talking to different designers about their design and their ideas behind it. This gives me some inspiration for my current school Design assessment."

Leon Suen 

" Everybody taking part in this was very friendly, and the atmosphere where we shared our knowledge was very engaging.
Having real designers as our guest makes me feel very lucky, which furthermore made me feel i should not make this go to waste.
" Haru Miyano 

" I enjoyed learning about careers in design and the reality of design - how it is involved in everyday life, products, and objects, and the importance of interdisciplinary skills."Sarah Ko

" It's an absolutely great event that provides abundant chances to meet with different types of designers. And HK, as a commercial and financial orientated city, deeply needs stimulation and encouragement on supporting the creative industries and developing talents." Sheryl Lau

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Find your passion and you'll never work a day in your life

It's clear to see the rich authentic learning opportunities for students that this day offers. 

Belinder Greer.  Chief Executive Officer English Schools Foundation